California Democratic Convention Halted Amid Pro-Palestine Demonstration

The California Democratic Convention came to a halt after a significant protest demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

On the intersection of 15th and J Street, a multitude of protesters gathered in front of the Sacramento Auditorium. Hundreds of Palestinian flags filled the air as the crowd chanted, urging a ceasefire in Gaza.

The protest originated as a sit-in demonstration inside the Safe Credit Union Convention Center, causing a temporary suspension of the Democratic convention for several hours.

Following this interruption, demonstrators exited the convention center and proceeded to march down J Street, congregating in front of the auditorium.

For the past few hours, the Sacramento Police Department closed off J Street between 14th and 16th streets, leading to significant traffic congestion extending to the I Street bridge.

This protest, unlike others in the past week in the Sacramento area, is notably larger, with protesters passionately expressing their message.

These events unfolded during the California Democratic Convention, where preparations for the 2024 election are underway.

Despite the disruption, more than a thousand protestors remain present.

Around 5 p.m., police announced that the group was preparing to march, advising those driving through the area to consider alternative routes.


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