Casanova’s Plea for Early Release Denied

Casanova’s request for an early release from his 15-year prison sentence was denied by a judge, following his admission of guilt for the crime. The federal court ruling, issued on Friday, rejected Casanova’s plea for compassionate release. The court noted that his sentence was already at the lower end of the sentencing range, and he had served less than 20% of it.

In August 2020, Casanova pleaded guilty to robbery and distanced himself from his previous association with the Gorilla Stone Nation gang in a heartfelt letter to the judge before sentencing. However, the judge expressed concerns that Casanova had not demonstrated that he is no longer a threat to the community, and thus, the imposed 188-month sentence remains justified.

Despite Casanova’s Instagram post claiming he was “bomfortable” in his cell, it appears that, at least for the time being, he will remain incarcerated.


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