Elon Musk’s X Takes Legal Action Against Media Matters Over Antisemitism Claims

Elon Musk’s social media platform, X, has filed a lawsuit against the left-leaning pressure group Media Matters for America. The suit alleges that Media Matters “manipulated” data to try to “destroy” the platform, formerly known as Twitter.

According to X’s lawsuit, Media Matters knowingly and maliciously created side-by-side images depicting advertisers’ posts on X alongside Neo-Nazi and white-nationalist content. The lawsuit argues that Media Matters designed these images and its media strategy to drive advertisers away from the platform and harm X.

Several major companies, including Apple, Disney, IBM, and Comcast, paused advertising on X following the release of Media Matters’ analysis. After Elon Musk threatened the lawsuit, Media Matters referred to him as a bully.

Media Matters had claimed that ads supporting Nazism, such as Hitler quotes and Holocaust denial, appeared on X. The lawsuit, filed in Texas, argues that these claims were false and that the images presented by Media Matters were manufactured.

X stated in the lawsuit that ads for Comcast, Oracle, and IBM had only appeared alongside hateful content for Media Matters, not for any other users. Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, emphasized the lack of authentic users seeing these ads next to inappropriate content.

In response to the allegations, the European Commission, Warner Bros Discovery, Paramount, and Lionsgate also withdrew advertising from X. Elon Musk pledged to file a “thermonuclear” lawsuit against Media Matters and anyone involved in the “fraudulent attack” on his company.

Media Matters president Angelo Carusone expressed confidence in winning any legal action, describing Musk as a bully attempting to silence accurate reporting. Founded in 2004, Media Matters focuses on critiquing conservative commentators and media outlets, positioning itself as a non-profit progressive research and information center.

Elon Musk faced criticism for his response to a post sharing a conspiracy theory accusing Jewish communities of promoting hatred against white people. Musk later clarified that his comments were not directed at all Jewish people but specific groups like the Anti-Defamation League.

Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton announced an investigation into Media Matters for potential fraudulent activity related to its allegations about X. Paxton labeled Media Matters a “radical anti-free speech organization” and vowed to protect public participation in the public square.

Additionally, on Monday, the White House revealed that President Joe Biden would join Threads, the Meta-owned rival to X. Threads accounts were also created for the first lady, vice-president, and second gentleman.


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