This Food in Pennsylvania Has Been Named the Most Hated Food in The State

Pennsylvania is a state with a rich and diverse culinary heritage, from the iconic Philly cheesesteak to the scrumptious shoofly pie. But not every food is loved by the Keystone State residents. In fact, there is one food that has been named the most hated food in Pennsylvania, according to a dating app that matches people based on their dislikes.

The Hater App

The dating app, Hater, launched in February 2023, and claims to be the first app that connects people based on what they hate. The app allows users to swipe on over 3,000 topics, ranging from slow walkers to poor tipping, and find matches who share their mutual aversions.

The app also collects data on the most hated topics in each state, based on the lowest search interest and the highest percentage of negative swipes. In July 2023, the app released a map that showed the most hated thing in each state, such as fidget spinners in Arizona, polo shirts in Connecticut, and God in New Hampshire.

In August 2023, the app released another map that focused on the most hated foods in each state. The app analyzed the search trends and the swipe data for 40 controversial foods, such as olives, anchovies, eggplant, beets, turkey bacon, sushi, and well-done steak.

The Most Hated Food in Pennsylvania

The map revealed some interesting and surprising results. For example, Californians hate Chick-Fil-A, Texans hate well-done steak, and Mainers hate sushi. But what about Pennsylvanians? What food do they despise the most?

According to the Hater app, the most hated food in Pennsylvania is chai latte. Yes, the spiced tea drink that is popular among many coffee lovers and hipsters is apparently not well-liked by the Pennsylvanians. Maybe they prefer the classic black coffee or the regular latte instead.

The reason behind this hatred is unclear, but it could be related to the taste, the ingredients, the origin, or the image of the drink. Chai latte is a westernized version of the traditional Indian masala chai, which is a blend of black tea, milk, sugar, and spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Some people may find the drink too sweet, too spicy, or too artificial, depending on how it is prepared.

Chai latte is also associated with a certain lifestyle and culture, which may not appeal to some Pennsylvanians. Chai latte is often seen as a trendy and exotic drink, popular among millennials, vegans, and yoga enthusiasts. Some Pennsylvanians may view the drink as pretentious, inauthentic, or out of touch with their values and preferences.


Pennsylvania is a state that loves its food, but not all food. The Hater app has revealed that the most hated food in Pennsylvania is chai latte, the spiced tea drink that is widely available in cafes and coffee shops. The reasons for this hatred may vary, but it seems that Pennsylvanians are not fans of this drink. Perhaps they should stick to their local specialties, such as soft pretzels, pierogies, and whoopie pies.

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