This Pennsylvania Hospital is One of the Creepiest Places in the State.

Pennsylvania is a state with a rich history and culture, but also with some dark and eerie places that can make anyone shiver. One of these places is the abandoned hospital that can be found in the outskirts of Pittsburgh, known as the old Brownsville General Hospital.

This hospital was once a functioning facility that admitted patients in 1914, but it soon became notorious for its overcrowding, neglect, and abuse. In this article, we will explore the history and fate of this creepy place, and why it is one of the most haunted hospitals in Pennsylvania.

The History of Brownsville General Hospital

The old Brownsville General Hospital was constructed in 1910 and began admitting patients in July of 1914, despite the building still being under construction. It did not take long for conditions to become very overcrowded. The hospital eventually expanded to include a surgical unit and a nurse’s home. An additional third floor was built in the 1940s.

In 1965, a new hospital was built nearby and Brownsville was transformed into a nursing home known as Golden Age. By the 1980s, numerous stories of abuse and neglect began to surface. A federal investigation was conducted on the premises and the facility was forced to close in 1985. It has sat virtually vacant ever since.

The Abandonment and Demolition

Decaying and covered in overgrown plants, the old Brownsville Hospital stands as a haunting reminder of the past neglect that took place behind those doors for decades. Over much of the last 40 years, Brownsville became somewhat of a tourist attraction for ghost hunters, urban explorers, and those simply interested in early 20th-century architecture.

In 2021, it was announced that the long-standing building will finally be demolished leaving some local residents and historians saddened. The demolition process is expected to begin later this year and take several months to complete.

The Hauntings and Legends

The old Brownsville Hospital is not only creepy because of its physical appearance, but also because of its alleged hauntings and legends. According to some reports, there are several ghosts that roam around the building, including:

  • A woman who died during childbirth on one of the floors. She is said to haunt room 312 where she gave birth.
  • A man who hanged himself on one of the balconies. He is said to haunt room 314 where he committed suicide.
  • A child who fell from one of the windows. He is said to haunt room 316 where he died.
  • A nurse who was murdered by her lover on one of the floors. She is said to haunt room 318 where she was killed.
  • A doctor who experimented on his patients on one of the floors. He is said to haunt room 320 where he conducted his gruesome research.

Some people claim that they have seen apparitions, heard voices, felt cold spots, smelled foul odors, or experienced other paranormal phenomena while visiting or exploring this place.


The old Brownsville General Hospital is one of the creepiest places in Pennsylvania because it has witnessed so much suffering and death over its history. It has also become a popular destination for thrill-seekers who want to experience its eerie atmosphere and possible hauntings. However, it will soon be gone forever as it prepares for demolition.

What do you think about this place? Have you ever visited or heard about it? Do you believe in ghosts or other supernatural forces? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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