Georgia is Home to an Abandoned Town Most People Don’t Know

Georgia is known for its rich history, culture, and natural beauty. But did you know that it also has a lost town that was once a mecca for gold rush enthusiasts looking to strike it rich? This town is called Auraria, and it is located on the southwest side of Dahlonega, near the Chestatee and Etowah rivers.

The Rise and Fall of Auraria

Auraria was founded in 1832, when a single cabin was built by William Dean between the two rivers. The name Auraria comes from the Latin word for gold, aurum, as the area was rich in gold deposits. Soon, thousands of settlers flocked to the town, hoping to find their fortune in the Georgia Gold Rush.

The town quickly grew to have over one hundred houses, twenty stores, fifteen law offices, a tavern, and a hotel. It was one of the first gold boom towns in Georgia, and even had its own newspaper, the Auraria Herald.

However, Auraria’s glory was short-lived. In 1833, a 40-acre lot near Auraria was won by a man named Frank Logan, who had dubious involvement in the Cherokee removal. Logan sold his lot to a group of speculators, who founded a rival town called Dahlonega. Dahlonega soon became the center of the gold rush, attracting more businesses and settlers than Auraria. Many of Auraria’s residents and establishments relocated to Dahlonega, leaving Auraria almost deserted.

The final blow to Auraria came in 1849, when the California Gold Rush lured away most of the remaining gold seekers. Auraria was left in ruins, and never recovered its former prosperity.

What Remains of Auraria Today

Today, Auraria is a ghost town, with only a few structures still standing. Some of the remnants include the old tavern, the cemetery, and the Methodist church. The church was built in 1833, and is the oldest surviving building in Auraria. It is still used for occasional services and weddings.

Auraria is also home to the Gold Hill Mine, which was one of the largest and most productive mines in the area. The mine operated until 1906, and produced over $1 million worth of gold. The mine shafts and tunnels are still visible, but are not open to the public for safety reasons.

Auraria is a fascinating place to visit for history buffs and curious explorers. It offers a glimpse into the past, and a reminder of the rise and fall of the Georgia Gold Rush. If you ever find yourself near Dahlonega, don’t miss the chance to see this hidden gem of Georgia.


Auraria is a lost town in Georgia that most people don’t know about. It was once a thriving gold rush town, but was abandoned after the discovery of Dahlonega and the California Gold Rush. Today, it is a ghost town, with only a few buildings and a mine remaining. Auraria is a unique and intriguing place to visit, and a testament to the history and culture of Georgia.

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